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On Tuesday I went to see Marja's new piece of work at Resolution! at thePlace. It was a very good piece filled with wonder and deep thoughts, enough tokeep the audition thinking and spell bound during and after. I was very proudof Marja and Karolina's accomplishments but selfishly, I admit I felt and stillfeel a bit jealous. They're doing so well and I'm wondering where I am in theworld?


I also met up with some other graduates of Laban, and I find myself tryingto legitimize me doing what I'm doing. Bragging and telling everyone what I'mdoing, trying to prove that I'm being some kind of success. I don't know why Ifeel this way, I was to be genuinely interested in what others are up to intheir lives and congratulate them, but I can't seem to get past my own feelingsof being left behind in the dust despite my efforts and my own accomplishments.


I've since decided to start work with Marja on a solo or duet. Weshall see what happens. I will perceiver and try to be more open to others,hearing what they are doing and encouraging them. I don't want to be rude or brash;I wish to have many friends who I can tell to keep pushing the envelope! I mayhave insecurities but I'm hoping that by finding them now, I'll be abetter person and better for it all together!


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