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I was just thinking the other day about when I went to Laban, or when I go to classes, or rehearsal...about what I would bring with me. Really it's everything that I need when working on a project, and I've asked Marja and she pretty much had the same things so I'm going to give a list, for those who are interested.

Essential Items for a Dancer

  • Arnica [pillues or gel]
  • Spikey Balls or a foot roller [a tennis ball works too]
  • A Dyna band [one of those really long rubber bands for stretching]
  • Tiger Balm/ Icy Hot / Roll on Ice Gel
  • Extra pair of underware
  • Small towel
  • Small bag of toiletries aka Deoderant, shampoo and Body wash
  • Small sewing kit
  • Ibuprofen for emergencies
  • Small notepad and pen for any random ideas

Also at home I lived for bath in the evening with Epsom Salts. Great stuff for tired and sore muscles as the salts draw out the lactic acids from your body. Be careful not to drink it though, it doubles as a laxative!

I hope this is at all interesting.. What do you take with you when you go to class? Are they the same or different from my list?


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