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"The Mesh This piece originally started out as insects flying around that would end up landing on you if you stood still long enough, but that ended up being a little macabre so instead we generated an ever moving mesh of triangles, somewhat visually inspired by the movie Tron, which also resonates with the fact that you?re interacting with a computer construct. The points of the mesh (a gold star if you recognised it as a Delaunay triangulation!) will move away from you, and your presence will break the beams between them. While this may seem an initially negative response, they?re goal in life is to keep the integrity of the mesh as intact as possible, slowly moving around you to re-establish the links between them." - Quadratura Marja Koponen is dancing.

Posted by Geneva Rosett-Hafter on February 27, 2010 at 10:50 AM 508 Views

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