Geneva Rosett-Hafter

 I am a professional dancer, a model, a certified massage therapist and a digital artist.


Tommy the Musical, Tring, Adults, January2009- June 2010

A musical with a cast of thirty, mainly non-dancers. Marja Koponen and I (Kiihko Dance) choreographed all dances and coached on general movement.

Noah the Musical, Tring, ages 6-15, May 2009-July 2009

A musical with a cast of seventy-seven children singing and dancing. Marja Koponen and I created the dances and coached on general movement.

Improvisation Master Class, ages 13-15, Santa Rosa, California, October 2008

Marja Koponen and I taught the basics of contemporary movement, some key skills (lifts, jumps, partner work) in a two hour master class.

Arts Education Dance Class, ages 2-6, Chiswick, London, 2005

A general movement class that was cancelled due to being busy with University.

Hip Hop Class, ages 6-10, and ages 16 and up, Petaluma, California, 2003

At a fitness club I taught two hip hop classes to separate age groups as was required by the club.


LABAN, 2005-2008                           

Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Class Two Division One (BA Dance Theatre programme)

The Dance Centre, 2001-2005

Street Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Improvisation

California Summer School for the Arts, August 2001

Improvisation, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, African, Chinese

American Dance, 1994-2001

Jazz, Ballet

Sussex Summer School, 1998, 1999, 2000

Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary

Footloose Dance Centre, 1992-2004


Performance Experience

Portraitoftheartistonthevergeofanervousbreakdownn Music Video – April 2010

A collaboration between Maureen Lukas (Composer), Ari Demaro (editor and Claymation), Nikki Hafter (Dance Filming), and Kiihko Dance (Dancing

Monotone Symphony, In Collaboration with Quadratura and GVart, March 2010

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Yves Klein’s Monotone Symphony in 1960, Quadratura, created an interactive video projection. Kiihko Dance improvised in the gallery, to demonstrate how to use it.

Ago Pro Obscurum, Butoh, Marie Gabrielle Rotie, 2009

Remade in 2009 for Resolutions at The Place.

Disappearing Acts, Performance Art, Efrosini Protopapa, 2008

Commissioned work involving quick decision making and memory retention both physically and verbally.

Ago Pro Obscurum – Darkness Cycle No. 2, Butoh, Marie Gabrielle Rotie, 2008

 Commissioned work in the Butoh style about the birth, life and death of vampires.

Diversion of Angels, Laban, 2007

Historical Project reviving the Martha Graham piece about the different forms of sexuality, I portrayed passion and love as the Red woman.

Impact Dance Company, 2006-Present

Underworld (Peacock Theatre), January 2006-February 2006

 Reinterpretation of the movie Underworld about the war between Lycanthropes and Vampires in the hip hop style.

Fierce Dance Company, 2001-2005

Hip hop company, Performed at various venues in the Bay Area California.

On the Accent Dance Company, 2001-2005

BelCobra Jazz Company, 2004-2005

Jazz company that went on a tour to Las Vegas.


Related Work and Training

Dance Modeling, July 2008-Present

Kennington Camera Club, Morley College, Kensington and Chelsea college, Peckham College, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Various independent photographers.

Massage Therapist 2005-Present - Certified at Napa Valley School of Massage, 2005

Based at Laban, February 2009-Present

Self employed Masseuse, Deep tissue massage, specializing in dancers.

Choreographies and Projects

Noah the Musical, Tring, 6-15, May 2009-July 2009

Choreography and general movement done by Geneva Rosett-Hafter and Marja Koponen.

Create and Protect, Moving Human Art, Dissertation, Geneva Rosett-Hafter and Carol Mancke, 2008

An installation, involving the audience in the performance, making a dancer into art with packaging materials and then watching as what they made moves and unfolds.

Appurtenance and Audience, Contemporary, Geneva Rosett-Hafter, 2008

A piece about the stereotypes of ballet, self image and theatre.


References given upon request.