Mission Statement

Founding a company is our way of sharing our love, experience and passion for dance with others. Dance has been with us all our lives and has had an impact on who we are and how we live. With Kiihko Dance we can make people move, be it physically or emotionally through performing, choreographing and teaching. We want to bring a little bit of dance to everybody's life.


To create, experience and appreciate movement


  • Imagination, improvisation, choreography
  • Expressing with one’s own body
  • Creating work of our own for others to experience through seeing
  • Creating possibilities for others to be creative with their bodies and movement


  • Overcoming the fear of being watched
  • Feeling the body moving and the connection between emotions and the body
  • Dancing is fun and feels good!
  • Physical exhaustion and being actively engaged with one’s body
  • Dance can be experienced both through moving or by seeing

  • Watching others enjoy movement
  • Everyone moves differently
  • Learning how to analyze, critique and learn from dance
  • Understanding the importance of dance to people as part of our culture and history
  • Enjoying the experience of dance