Teaching is a way of sharing. We draw on our own experiences from all aspects of dance when teaching, which brings a personal touch to the classes. Dance is an art form and in any group of students everyone has their unique way of expressing through movement. We aim to build on these individual strengths on any lesson, be it a class that focuses more on technique or improvisation. 



  • Geneva currently teaches dance for children 6-9 at Komeetta Koulu in Espoo in the English Afternoon Club. All children must be a part of the afternoon club program.



We are always looking to expand our teaching! If you would like to hire us to teach at your school or hall, or if you would like to book a workshop or a dance party for any kind of event, please contact us at Kiihkodance@gmail.com.


We offer workshops to schools and any groups of different ages, children and Adult alike! All workshops can be customised to meet the clients' requirements. We can structure both a series of workshops or a one-off master class. Please contact us by email for more details. Some examples of workshops we teach are: Movement Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Choreography and Composition and Contemporary Dance (Technique).


 Types of Workshop
 Movement Improvisation
 Contact Improvisation
 Composition and Choreography
 Voice and Movement
 Contemporary Dance
 Customized Workshop
 Dream Eater Workshop 


 Remember we can customize or create any workshop for any age group, party or event!

Please contact us with any enquiries, special requirements and for prices, or to book a Workshop.