Projects in all shapes and sizes

'Get Safe!' Co. Inspection at Get Over it! September 2010

 In the gallery space and filled with art provided by Carol Mancke this piece was designed specially for the exhibition. Set up with rules and codes, it used the space and art provided and emphasized the ridiculous extremes that Health and Safety has become. It was performed by Marja Koponen, Lilian Itagiba Couto, Geneva Rosett-Hafter, and Adam Jeayes.



Unensyöjä August 2010

 "Dream Eater" an improvised dance work performed by Geneva Rosett-Hafter and Marja Koponen. It was performed five times from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on the 27th of August in the Night of Arts. 

Tanssiduetto kulkee Tennispalatsilta Lasipalatsin suuntaan Salomonkadulla. Koreografia ja tanssi: Marja Koponen, Geneva Rosett-Hafter, Puvut: Geneva Rosett-Hafter. Perjantaina 27. elokuuta









Variety Gala Performance, July 2010

Kiihko Dance performed "Two in One Box." at the Variety Gala Performance in Berkhamstead.

The show is through Herts Talent which is a charity that offers support to children aged 8-17 years old who have suffered hardship/trauma to go on and build confidence/achieve through the performing arts or their own specialized talents.





Tommy the Musical, June 2010

The show was from June 22 to 26 June, 2010. With a cast of just under 30 people, all dedicated to the show, a live band, a fantastic set, and innovative costumes we got a standing ovation 5 out of 6 shows. 

Kane Ricca from 'Got to Dance' played Tommy!




portraitoftheartistonthevergeofanervousbreakdownn, April 2010

 This project was a  music video in collaboration with, Maureen Lucas (Composer), Ari DeMarco (Editor and Claymation), Nikki Hafter (Dance Filming and Creative Input) and Kiihko Dance.


                        Go see it!





In Collaboration with Quadratura and GVart, March 2010

Monotone Symphony 2010 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first performance of Yves Klein’s Monotone Symphony and Anthropometries of the Blue Period in March, 1960, Quadratura and GV Art present a new performance utilizing the latest in interactive video projection and sound design technology. 

Press Release

Video of Performance






Noah the Musical, 2009

The Court Theatre, Pendley Tring

Director:Ian Gower                                                                                                                                                   

Musical Director: Rob Alderton

Producer: Grizelda Hafter                                                

Choreography: Marja Koponen and Geneva Rosett-Hafter 

A children's show with 76 children involved. The children were challenged with the dancing, the singing and the time limit allotted to learning and pulling off a successful show. It turned out to be one of the most successful large scale children’s show performed by Court Theatre to date. 

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Create and Protect Moving Human Art, 2008

Concept: Geneva Rosett-Hafter and Carol Mancke,                       Performance: Marja Koponen         

An installation, involving the audience in the performance, making a dancer into art with packaging materials and then watching as what they made moves and unfolds.                      

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Appurtenance and Audience, 2008                                                                  

Choreography:                  Geneva Rosett-Hafter

Performance:                         Marja Koponen    

A piece about the stereotypes of ballet, self image and the expectations of theater.                                            

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